What is CloudAdmin and what can it do?

CloudAdmin is primarily an invoicing platform that has grown to include, tracking income and expenses, keeping your customers informed and up to date via email and SMS. Aimed at small businesses with ease of use one of the main goals. CloudAdmin is a hosted service and can be accessed from any Internet enabled device.

Can CloudAdmin be used by somebody that knows nothing about accounting?

Absolutely yes. That's the whole idea. Ease of use is our number one mission.

Can I just use CloudAdmin for invoicing or must I run my whole business on CloudAdmin?

One of the great things about CloudAdmin is that you do not need to commit to the whole nine yards. For example, you can use it for invoicing only and leave expense tracking to another system.

Do you need to be connected to the internet to use CloudAdmin?

Yes. CloudAdmin is an online system. You only need a web browser. No additional software is required and there is nothing to install.

How much data does it use on average?

CloudAdmin has been designed in such a way to use as little data as possible. Adding a customer and creating an invoice will use much less data than sending a picture via Whatsapp.

Do you have an app?

No, it is a web app. You can create a shortcut to save a link on the homepage of your PC, tablet or smart phone. This gives the advantage of automatic, continuous improvements of CloudAdmin without having to update an app. Your account data automatically synchronises when your account is accessed from any device.

How often is my data backed up?

Your data is backed up once a day and a seven day rolling backup is kept.

How do I know my data is safe and secure?

All data is stored in a secure data centre and all traffic to and from the app is encrypted. Offsite backups are also encrypted.

Can I download any of my data from Cloudadmin on my PC?

Most of the data can be downloaded in CSV format to be imported into a spreadsheet.

How do I set up and view an invoice template?

Your logo, terms and conditions and email templates can be set up under Setup - Company Setup. When creating your first invoice mail the invoice to your own email address before posting it to see what it looks like.

How do I import my OFX bank statements?

This video tutorial explains it all.

Is CloudAdmin only available in South Africa? Can it be used abroad if I leave the country temporarily?

CloudAdmin is designed in South Africa for the South African market. Being a cloud based service does however mean that you can access the service from anywhere on the planet, where you have Internet access.

What can CloudAdmin not do, that I would need an accountant for?

CloudAdmin can record everything you need in order to manage your business finances. We recommend that you use the reports from CloudAdmin together with an accountant to draw up your business financial documents and file your tax returns. Your accountant knows best when it comes to things like depreciation and legislative requirements.

What is the difference between CloudAdmin and a complete accounting system?

CloudAdmin does not require you to be invested in the whole accounting process. Use the bits you want to without breaking anything. CloudAdmin is also easy and convenient to use, something accounting packages often lack. With CloudAdmin you can manage your customers, invoice them, send them statements and SMS payment reminders, record your expenses and import and reconcile your bank statements. You can produce reports for your VAT return and produce profit and loss statements. There is even limited balance sheet reporting.

Where does all my information get stored?

All information is stored online in "the cloud". This means that you never have to worry about loosing your information. You can access the service from your tablet, smart phone or PC.

How safe is my data?

All communication between your computer and our server is encrypted. Your data on the server is backed up daily. We will never disclose your information to any third party unless required to do so by law, in which event we will make every legal attempt to notify you of such legal requirement.

How can I check what communications has been sent to a customer?

When you have the customer open click the "CRM" link/button on the right of the row of buttons. The CRM view shows you all the emails sent. A digital signature in the status column indicates that the message was sent. The digital signature looks similar to this. "f9190dfa73723bc12ac5030de16dd0cf"

My customers are getting two emails for each invoice I create.

If under the customer view you have "Email Invoices and Statements" checked the invoice will automatically be mailed when you post it and there will be no need to mail it again.

What payment methods do you accept?

We will accept debit order, credit card payments and EFT payments.

How do I purchase SMS credits?

You can purchase SMS credits under the account menu on the far right.

Will I automatically be charged when my first trial month is over?

You will be invoiced and billed according to the payment method you have set up.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel at any time before the next renewal date, which can be found under account billing. Your first month is free. Your data will be retained for a period of 90 days after cancellation.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Log on to CloudAdmin and cancel under the account menu on the far right.